Why the Tempest is actually a Star Wars themed Pub

April 1, 2015

George and William go for a pint on the beach…


So the Tempest Inn is a pub, it’s a pub on the seafront, not a club, but a pub. And it’s in a big cave.


It’s pretty cool, stone tables, iron gates, secret seating areas in hidden alcoves and a rumour that Green Door Stores’ resident night, Donuts, is going to be there on Easter Sunday. Taking over the venue from LIFE club, it’s almost unrecognisable from it’s previous incarnation, yet it fits in to the Brighton scene seamlessly and you find yourself asking ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’

With two huge bars, a good selection of draught and craft beers at reasonable prices and seafood (obviously, what else would you serve in a nautical themed cave bar), they’ve created a warming, lively pub atmosphere in this unique venue. Did I mention it’s in a cave?The main bar

On walking in you can’t help but to explore, I wandered off midway through the tender pulling me a pint. There’s tunnels, warnings to tall people that they will bang their heads on stalactites, or stalagmites, and enough privacy created from cubby wholes and crawl spaces to get up to all manner of things (not that we’re insinuating anything there!).

It’s hard not to want to go tunneling.

After returning to the bar, finally taking my pint of the bartender, who I imagine has to put up with curious punters like me everyday since opening a few weeks back, my friends and I found our own alcove, complete with a large, stone sacrificial alter.
The Tempest Inn is themed on Shakespeare’s play of the same name, and there are references to this throughout the pub, namely the shipwreck in the centre as you enter and character names and quotes etched into the cave walls.

But Shakespeare is not the only works of literary genius to spring to mind when you go for a drink in this impressive establishment.
The dark sand blasted tunnel walls, the feeling
of heat and fire, the large stone tables. Stop me if I’m geeking out but it did feel a bit ‘catacombs of Geonosis’, and they even have a Wampa head (pictured) on one of the walls (it could be some kind of bison though). Even the iron doors leading down from the Gents’ feel as if they’ll shut behind you and a Rancor will come bumbling out – luckily this didn’t happen.

All in all it’s great fun, it’s reasonably priced, and with a massive outdoor terrace space, the Tempest Inn will be rammed come summer, it will definitely be the place to be.

Wampa?Take it as you will however, you can drink in a Shakespeare themed cave pub or think Star Wars when you walk in, or not care as much as me and just go down for a pint and some good seafood.


But I mean, it could of gone the other way, we could all be drinking and feel like extras in The Descent…


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