Vodka Zinger, by Zing Anything (Root7)

November 27, 2014

Zing Anything: (Root7)

The Vodka Zinger


Seen in Wired Magazine.

So you’ve got a dinner party coming up and you want to give your guests something a little special. Not just your standard spirit mixers; how about a home made, fresh strawberry and lime infused vodka, or a ginger and orange zest Whisky blend we prepared earlier?

Now you’re listening.

In comes the Vodka Zinger from Zing Anything (Root7).

A really easy to use, easy to clean, shakeable, spirit infuser. It has 2 sets of blades in the bottom of three compartments, and a built in fine strainer. It’s a great concept for your kitchen if you fancy yourself the budding home Mixologist.

Working with what’s in season this November we made an apple, bramble and lemon infused vodka (we’d recommend keeping it local with Blackdown Vodka from Sussex).

Simply put the fruit in, twist (the blades cut and crush up the fruit), add a little water give it a shake. The built in fine strainer holds the pulp in the bottom, the addition of a little water will dilute the natural juices (you don’t want a lot of water) and get them moving around the Zinger.

Here comes the fun part.

Add your spirit (vodka mayhaps), leave over night, and the vodka will take on the sweet and sharp qualities of the fruit. If you pour the vodka out immediately after mixing you notice it instantly takes on the colour of the fruit used, but for the full flavour qualities you need this overnight infusion .

Another recipe would be cranberry, Lemon and orange, to make your own Cosmpolitan Vodka Enfusion? Serve over Ice with a little soda and an orange twist.

Keep Mixing.