Advanced Bartending & Molecular Mixology Certificate – £500

Molecular Mixology is one of the most dynamic and forward thinking fields in the cocktail world. As leading proponents of these techniques, Mixology Group are well placed to deliver the very best in MM courses. This course is designed for the true cocktail fanatic. Inspired of the likes of Heston Blumenthal this interactive, creative course will allow you the knowledge to add the wow factor to any event or occasion.

This 2 day course has been designed to give the student advanced knowledge of cocktails and ingredients used in the bar environment. We cover a day of tasting and creating vermouth’s, bitters and liqueurs. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about historical drinks, and gain an in-depth knowledge in the more obscure spirits on the market. The way the course is designed is to give you an in depth and hands on experience of the main Molecular techniques that are used in a modern bar setting. Therefore, we create everything from scratch and discuss any pitfalls and issues you may encounter.

Course Requirements

This course is suitable for bartenders and enthusiasts with a good knowledge of cocktails. So graduates of Global Bartenders Certificate or our Working Mixology Course are welcome, as are experienced bartenders.

Learning Outcomes

Students attending this are expected to leave having gained the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:

Techniques Covered

The techniques that we cover are as follows

Foams and Airs

Classic Egg white foams vs NO2 Egg white foam

Egg White substitute vs No2 Egg white substitute (Cellulose and Aquafaba)

Creating Airs or delicate clouds of flavour that go on top of drinks

Spherification and Reverse Spherification

Utilising Sodium Alginate to create different sized fruit spheres for use as garnish or as an ingredient

Jelly’s and Cocktail Canapes

Creating Cocktail canapes using Agar Agar and other gelling agents and UV reactive ingredients

Dry Ice

Using the latest and safest Dry Ice equipment to maximise the theatrics and value of a cocktail serve

Create alcoholic sorbets fast and safely


Rapid infusion techniques

Sous Vide

Liquid creation

Ability to create there own vermouth’s, bitters and liqueurs.


Basic Ice carving

How to create clear ice

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