Mixology Group Sponsors

Since Jan 2017 Mixology School has moved to a new larger space allowing us to bring up to 10 students at a time on our larger courses.  We are incredibly pleased to have on board the following sponsors;

Ice is the finishing touch to any cold drink and the quality of ice can leave a lasting impression. Hoshizaki IM machines not only produce ice cubes in five different sizes but also Special Ice like Ball Ice, Star- and Heart shaped Ice, Big- and Long Cube. The ice is exceptionally hard and crystal clear and melts very slowly, allowing customers to enjoy their cooled drinks longer.


High performance refrigeration and freezer equipment for professionals.


Utopia Tableware is a leading supplier to the Hospitality and Branded Glassware Industry.


Fentimans have been making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years.
Their artisanal drinks are brewed for 7 days using the time-honoured botanical brewing process.
The result is a superior drink that tastes simply delicious.


Blackdown Distillery is an innovative award-winning producer of finely crafted spirits; creators of unique drinks striving for quality, refinement and provenance.  Established in 2012, the Distillery is nestled in the foothills of Blackdown Hill, South Downs National Park, West Sussex.


Premium Blue Webber Agave Tequila made in the Jalisco Highlands, Mexico


The Garden of Zeca – grown, distilled and matured on their estate, this beautiful unique, handcrafted Cachaca is 100% Matos Family owned.   It is perfectly balanced with hints of dark wood, spice and exotic floral notes with a length longer than the Amazon River.


Eager Drinks produces a range of the finest quality fruit juices, 100% natural and not from concentrate.



Amaro London made by British liquer company Stellacello, is a bitter-sweet herbal liqueur with soft citrus overtones, made with locally-sourced herbs, fruit and spices.


Crafted in Poland, a country with more than 600 years of vodka-making expertise, the house of Belvedere is an innovator – the maker of the world’s first luxury vodka.