Welcome to Brightons only Flair Club; A collection of individuals dedicated to the art of Flair Bartending. With a roof over your head and access to new techniques and brand new facilities, this is the prefect place for you to improve on your routines, skills, showmanship and knowledge of the field!

Situated near the heart of Brighton, the newly refurbished school can accommodate bartenders of all abilities. Run by Mixology Groups head flair instructor, one on one personal tutors are available as well as access to top of the range GoPros, bottles, tins and flair bars to record and perform your routines in preparation for the in house, local, nationwide and global competitions.

The idea behind Flair club was simply to help improve the abilities of bartenders in Brighton, for those that want to learn, practice or socialise with other bartenders. The Brighton bartenders association has over seven thousand members so the demand for a group like this one has been a long time coming. Now there is a ‘hub’ for like minded people to collectively practice and learn from each other, this is now your chance to be a part of this ever expanding community, and potentially make it to the top of the WFA ladder.

Against a lot of criticism, Flair Bartending is increasing in popularity, thanks to the likes of Tom Dyer, Luca Valentine and Alexander Shtifanov. These world class individuals are forever heightening the standard of flair by breaking boundaries and smashing records, thus attracting a superfluous amount of attention from bartenders all over the world. Thanks to these icons, as well as many more, a flair bartender is now considered a technical professional rather than an arrogant show off.

The World Flair Association has recently approved the Mixology School as an accredited grading centre where students are encouraged to take the WFA Yellow certification, More info on this on the Flair Bartending Certificate page where you can take the certified course run by our in house flair instructor.

Flair club is on Every Monday and Tuesday at Mixology School, Brighton, BN3 1RF

Buy your tickets here or pay at the door!

More flair bartender fun with @freelancebartending at the new Mixology school! #brighton #mixology #mixologygroup #flair #flairtender #flairbartender #cocktail #cocktails #cocktailschool #slomo

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See you there!