Top 5 Cocktail worthy Instagram Accounts…

October 19, 2015

We like a good drink, and if you’re reading this then most likely you do too.

Cocktail Bartending can be an immersive occupation and it’s best to keep well informed of the newest drinks, inspired creations and creative recipes and what better way to do this than on instagram, one of the worlds largest and fastest growing social media platforms to date!

Not only is it a way for you to share your own drinks designs and creative inventions but also to take visual inspiration from likeminded bartenders across the globe!

And we’re making it a little easier for you, so here’s five of our favourite instagram accounts from across the globe with one thing in mind… Booze.



  1. @MixologyArt

A really inventive account, with some colourful concoctions, serve suggestions and wild and wonderful garnishes. Intelligent compositions and style means for some rather lovely looking shots!

2. @Bombasandparr

The architects turned culinary curators. Though this account is not strictly cocktails, the pair work
mostly with booze. They slave inventively round the clock to create masterpieces of bizarre fusions of flavour, usually on an architectural scale including a breathable, room-sized cloud of gin at a recent London event! Silently subtle to seriously surreal!

3. @instapour

A cocktail delivery service (don’t get too excited it’s only Stateside for the time being!), but they also take a damn good photo! Some crisp cocktails that get our mouths watering just looking at them. Buckets of fruit, ice and alcohol to whet your palette until they make there way over to the UK!

4. @beer_farts

Total loopey genius here, mixing beer and lego, definitely two of our favourite things. Need I say more really? Check there account out and see for yourself.


The notorious NYC cocktail bars account offers an insight into cocktail bartending life in the city including snaps of regular punters and their incredible bar team. Stylish, sexy and smart, not to be too cheesy, these guys know how to make a drink or two and they sure know how to document it!

So we said five but you should know that number six, @themixoteam is the one most worth following, check it out today!


(“What? What’s wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion? Enjoy!” –