Top 10 Christmas Drinks Gifts 2016

November 14, 2016









With Christmas coming up sooner than we think now is the time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. At Mixology Group, we have the pleasure of road testing different equipment (and alcohol) from around the world. So, we decided to find and road test the best presents for the home bar enthusiast or bar professional alike.

In no particular order, we feel these gadgets and provide the best value and usability and will make the perfect addition to any home or professional bar.


Best Bar Spoon

Bonzer Bar Spoon

The guys at Bonzer (a Sussex based company) have been producing this much-copied bar spoon for years. This is the original and the best allowing you to create exquisite Martinis or lightly muddle some mint for your next Mojito. For a video on how to make a Mojito click here.

Best Travel Accessory 

Bonzer Telescopic  Bar Spoon

New on the market and great for the traveling Mixologist or the person who fancies mixing up a Negroni on the train home. This little beauty collapses down, taking up no more room than your average pen.


Best Citrus Juicer

Chef n Citrus Juicer

This bit of kit virtually changed the way we serve drinks overnight. It allows you to freshly juice any citrus. Meaning no more wasted or oxidised juice at the end of the night or in your cocktails


Best strainers

Heritage Strainers 

Built to last this set of strainers allows you to strain pretty much anything with style

and finesse. With copper, silver and gold finishes available. The question is, how bling do you go?



Best All In One Kit

Heritage Leather Bar Roll


Chefs have been taking their own knives to work for years and recently bartenders have begun to emulate them. This beautiful kit neatly packages everything up into a nice roll made from stunningly supple leather. Available in variety of finishes but we think gold is the best.


Best Gadget you can’t live without

Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator

Once only found in top end restaurants, dehydrators have come down in price and complexity and are now simple plug and play systems. This Excalibur Dehydrator has all the drying space you need. Its use is not confined to fruits as you can dry herbs, make yogurt and even make Beef jerky or Biltong.


Best tasting glass

Neat Glass

The very clever over at Neat Glass have created a glass which is turn the tasting on its heads. It is titillating taste buds all over the world with it innovative design. Perfect for nosing that new purchase or enjoying a wee dram by the fire.



Best Muddler

Pug! Muddler

These beautifully hand-turned muddlers are the brain child of woodworker Chris Gallager. Ergonomic and a pleasure to work with. They come in a variety of styles from Maple wood to Burmese Blackwood.



Best Cocktail shaker

Cocktail Kingdom Koriko Shakers

This is the mainstay of making cocktails and a good shaker should and will last years. This is a two-piece set from the guys at Cocktail Kingdom and is very forgiving and virtually indestructible meaning no late night breakages.



Best Personalized Gifts

Personalized Ice Stamp

Looking to add that personal touch to a gift, why not look at getting your loved ones initials engraved onto an Ice Stamp. These can then be used brand ice cubes.