The Key to Delicious Whisky…

February 16, 2016

Deep within the heart of the Island of Bornholm, located off the coast of Denmark, a key has been developed to open a door to a new dimension.

Well sort of.

It was 2006 when Henrik Hansen began experimenting with new ways to enhance the whisky drinking. Exactly 10 years of experimenting and development, trials and tribulations and vigorous testing, the Whisky Key has finally opened up the UK to a whole new way to enjoy the nations most loved spirit.

A flawless combination of exquisite design and the powers of science, the Whisky Key enhances the whisky drinkers journey, breaking down and manipulating the different stages of the taste experience.

With a background in metal work, Hansen realised that stainless steel had a molecule reversing property when in contact with whisky. In essence it reverses the way we experience our favourite whiskies. Stage 1 softens the initial taste, subduing and reducing any alcohol burn we may experience and stage 2 prolongs the aftertaste, the desirable flavours, the caramels, the smokiness, the char and the pete.

To use, simply dip the Whisky Key into your neat liquid 4 to 5 times, sit back, sip back and enjoy the effects.

Still bewildered in awe? Paralysed with confusion and excitement? Check out the Whisky Key here for yourself and start your whisky journey today!