The British are coming!

July 23, 2015

So our very own Myles Cunliffe has been returned to us safe and sound after three weeks consulting for US develop Marty Kotis’ Restaurant Investors in North Carolina.

The Mixology Group founder is now the Beverage Program Director and lead Mixology Consultant for the RI venues across the state which includes the Pig Pounder Brewery and Tap house, Burger Warfare, the Marshall Free house, Darryl’s wood fired grill and RED cinemas.

Working alongside the food offerings in the cutting edge Molecular Gastronomy lab in the Marshall Free house, Myles has created a menu to rival Heston Blumenthal in this UK themed pub and restaurant. Myles is set to return every quarter for two weeks to each venue bringing yet more experimental drinks made with the freshest of seasonal ingredients and the most on trend and contemporary techniques and serves along with him.

He definitely worked his magic while he was out there as he ended up on sky1 on King of the Nerds and also yes that is him on the big screen in times square…

Myles in NYC


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