Summer Cocktail Ingredients

July 10, 2014


We love working with new and exciting producers and we have met a fair few this year already. Our first ingredient of the summer is the lovely Isle of Wight Sunshine Tomato juice from the guys at this really is an amazing twist on the Bloody Mary. Much lighter in flavour, great for a warm Saturday morning livener.  These guys do everything from grow the fruit to juicing and bottling. A real labour of love!

Yello Mello   yellow tomato juiceIngredients

  • 50ml good quality vodka (we recommend Blackdown vodka from Sussex or Black Cow vodka from Dorset)
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • Dash of jalapeno hot sauce (we love the Tequila sauce from Burning desire)
  • Squeeze of lemon wedge
  • Some black pepper
  • And a large measure of the yellow tomato juice.

 Directions Stir all ingredients over ice, then strain into an ice filled glass and garnish with a cherry tomato kebab. Another gem of an ingredient is the wonderful Cornish Pastis form the  guys down at Not only is this a wonderful play on words it is an exciting addition to a category of spirits only really found on the continent. From foraged Cornish Gorse flowers to a liquorice root from Uzbekestan, they have strived to create a modern equivalent of a European classic. It is distilled just like their gin in a gorgeous copper pot still. Then bottled and dipped. Our preferred way of drinking it is possibly one of the simplest but with a lovely English twist to the drink.

Cornish Crown

Cornish pastis

  • 40ml Cornish Pastis
  • 80ml chilled mineral water
  • 2 barspoons Rhubarb jam (must be quite an acidic/ pronounced rhubarb flavour)
  • 10ml homemade grenadine

Directions Stir all ingredients over ice and serve on the rocks in a large wine glass with some edible Borage flowers to garnish   Time is precious, but the British Summer does have wonderfully long evenings. The perfect time to try and create one of these drinks for yourself or create ahea