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September has been a busy month for the mixology group..

September 23, 2013

Hi everybody!! My name is Rebekah, I am the Mixology Groups new intern, and I will be providing all you cocktail lovers a behind the scenes insight into the life and events of the Mixology Group and school.

So what have we been up to? Brighton and hove food & drink festival

Brighton and hove food & drink festival is a not-for-profit event that celebrates and supports local producers and businesses, aswell as providing the public with the opportunity to have access to an amazing range of food and drink! We pitched two stalls for two weekends of the festival to show our support for the festival and to provide refreshing mojitos for the festival goers. It became evident that even though the great English weather was not on our side, the amazing tasting mojitos and charming bartenders were a good enough reason to keep a smile on the festival goers faces!


Overall we were thrilled with the support that the public showed, aswell as the great feedback we received. Not to mention being involved in a not-for-profit event that brings so many people together to celebrate all things food and drink! (I mean who doesn’t like an excuse for a cheeky cocktail?!) So for all of you who made it thank you! And for all of those who wish you did, See you next year!!

The Mix off

So last Thursday saw another outstanding bartender be crowned Brighton’s Best Bartender. So first of all congratulations Ali Bell, you are officially ‘Brighton’s Best Bartender!’.

20130912-_DSC7219-(ZF-0295-53559-1-001)Pictures courtesy of Julia Claxton

  For those of you who have not heard of the Mix Off, it is an exciting fun filled evening consisting of some of Brighton’s best and most creative bartenders competing for the title of Brighton’s Best Bartender, using imagination and intricacy to create an impressive cocktail to entertain the taste buds with an accompanying story to entertain the soul! The Mix Off is situated under the roof of the fish filled venue, the Sea life centre. The Bartenders create eccentric, original cocktails that are then sampled, bought and judged by the attendees… Which as you can imagine was great fun for the attendees!! Each customer was given three tokens to judge the bartenders on the cocktail they provided and the service that they gave.

 20130912-_DSC7333-(ZF-3441-68340-1-003)Pictures courtesy of Julia Claxton

  The yummy delights that were produced consisted of the following… ‘The Mad Butter Fudger’, created by Max Curzon of Hotel Du Vin. The cocktail consisted of a unique blend of Banks rum, Courvoisier VS, Home-made salted butterscotch with Montezuma 72% Dark chocolate and Orange bitters. Max also decided to have a side of sweet treats to accompany his cocktails. He provided guests with Butterscotch fondue with Montezuma 72% Dark chocolate buttons, Roly’s salted fudge and Home-made Boozy Banks Truffles.

Will Underwood of Valentinos cocktail bar created two cocktails for the evening of the Mix Off. Firstly ‘Sussex Heights’, this cocktail consisted of Blackdown gin, Spiced Honey Mead and Jade 1901. The second cocktail was named ‘Old English Gin and Tonic’, The ingredients for this cocktail were cucumber, lime, elderflower, Blackdown gin and tonic.

The winning concoction however was ‘the war of the roses’ by Ali Bell of Plataeu, the cocktail was a blend of Four Rose Yellow Label bourbon, home-made cherry and apple jam, orange juice, lemon juice and grated dark chocolate. This unique concoction won Ali Bell his 2013 Brighton’s best bartender title, aswell as pleasing a cocktail loving crowd!

So here come the thank you’s! … Firstly a big thank you is to the bartenders who took part in the event. Max Curzon-price from Hotel DuVin , Ali Bell from Plateau and William underwood from Valentinos. 20130912-_DSC7223-(ZF-3441-68340-1-002)

 Pictures courtesy of Julia Claxton

To the Sealife centre for providing such a beautiful venue!!

 And also a BIG thank you to this year’s sponsors, Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon, Banks rum and Blackdown Cellar gin. The sponsors of the event play a big role in the cocktails created, as for each bartender the sponsored spirit contributes to their final cocktail/s.