School’s in for summer…

July 26, 2016

Your summer of Cocktails with the Mixology Group…

The sun has finally arrived, the clouds have parted, the rain is holding off (at least for a few weeks) and it couldn’t be a better time to grab your suntan lotion and your armbands and get down to Brighton Beach and make the most of the weather while you can!

And while you’re sitting on the beach fending off sea gulls and holiday makers wouldn’t it make it all even better if you knew how to make a caipirhina…

In its 6th year of establishment the Mixology School and its expert team of Mixologists are working hard all through the summer to educate and entertain.

With a whole range of courses developed by head Mixologist and director Myles Cunliffe, the lessons and programs are designed to take students of all level from zero to cocktail hero!

With one day courses like the Introduction to Cocktails and Mixology running every other Saturday throughout the summer months with occasional weekday courses. The intro course is designed to establish the essentials of mixology, covering bar etiquette and equipment, free-pouring for beginners, the base knowledge of spirits and liqueurs and of course a variety of classic cocktail recipes!

For those who are already well versed in the trade and looking for a challenge to elevate them to the next level the Mixology School also has Advanced and Molecular Mixology Courses running this July and August. The Advanced Bartender Certificate is a 2-day course that teaches its students how to differentiate, make and use bitters, liqueurs and vermouths in their drinks as well as ice carving and the principles of cocktail creation!

And if you’ve ever wanted to blur the boundaries between food, drink and science the Molecular Mixology Certificate takes you over two days through the advanced ingredients involved with making alcoholic airs, foams and infusions, skilled techniques like spherification and alcoholic canape creation and safe handling with dry ice products!

This summer will also see the launch of the first Whisky Ambassador Course Program at the Mixology School, the only accredited qualification of its kind in the UK that will get your knowledge of the worlds most prestigious spirit recognised and certified!

So with all that to offer at the Mixology School what’s stopping you from beginning your Mixology Career and developing yourself as an individual and a industry professional.

And bring your sunnies, the beach is calling!