Rum Shack Baby Oooooooh!!!

May 8, 2015

Reggae Rum Shack

The Shack-Attack is back baby!

On the last weekend in May, Mixology Group is returning for the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival 2015

with the

Reggae-Rum Shack!

Teaming up with the amazing dudes and chicks from Red Leg Spiced Rum and The Mango Girls we’ll be bringing the Caribbean to you!

Open from 10am on Sat 30th and Sun 31st May (if you’re brave enough), you’re invited to Hove LawnRed Leg Logo JPGs to join us for some delicious Caribbean cocktails.

With a liveMango Mojito DJ we’ll be mixing up Spiced Mango Mojitos and Daiquiris, Caribbean Mules and Spicy Pina Coladas with mad Reggae beats!

So don the shorts, flip flops, shades and shirts and come     along for some sun, rum, and reeeal good fun!

You’d be mad not t’ mun!