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  1. What is the piece of equipment called?1
  2. What topics do we try an avoid as a bartender?1
  3. What are several techniques that we can use to help us protect our cocktails from time and dilution.1
  4. What was the date that we first saw the word “Cocktail! in print?1
  5. What are the factors we should be aware of for Suggestive Selling1
  6. What is this piece of equipment called1
  7. What do all good bartenders offer?1

    All good bartenders will offer a complimentary whilst offering a cocktail menu or going through the daily specials

  8. What drink could be described as Fragile1
  9. What does CAYG mean?1
  10. Which of these types of people are we allowed to serve1
  11. When Describing a cocktail what words should we use1
  12. When taking an order what skills are you displaying?1
  13. Name three sales techniques used by Bartenders1
  14. What are your “force multiplier’s”?1
  15. How many pens should you have on you and why?1
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