Accredited Global Bartenders Certificate – Gift Voucher


This 5 day course has been designed to give the student a thorough understanding of the foundations of practical bartending. The course is the perfect start for those who wish to pursue anything from part-time work through to a full career in the bar industry. We cover the fundamental practical skills required to bartend effectively, efficiently, and professionally. We also cover knowledge of the essential ingredients, equipment and cocktails you will use as a bartender. Great bartending is about providing seamless service with personality, displaying knowledge and practical prowess. The course ultimately seeks to make you employable in an entry level position in the bar industry, anywhere in the world.


Course Requirements

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to become a bartender and as such no previous qualifications or experience are necessary, just a will to learn.

Learning Outcomes

Students attending this are expected to leave having gained the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:

  • Ability to free pour and competently use measures
  • Understand the basics of all the major products in the bar
  • Practical skills to work clean and smart, eliminating wasted motion
  • Understand the principles of good customer service
  • Appreciate the meaning and importance of a responsible attitude to alcohol
  • Able to produce cocktails to a high standard and understand their construction

All courses take place at our bespoke bar school in Brighton UK. This voucher allows you to book onto any of our upcoming courses found on our Global Bartenders Certificate Page.