Advanced Bartenders and Molecular Mixology Course – Gift Voucher


This 2 day course has been designed to give the student advanced knowledge of cocktails and ingredients used in the bar environment. We cover a day of tasting and creating vermouth’s, bitters and liqueurs. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about historical drinks, and gain an in-depth knowledge in the more obscure spirits on the market. As well as this we will give you an insight into what judges are looking for to create that award winning cocktail and finally you will get the chance to try your hand at ice carving. The course is the perfect choice for those who wish improve the standard of their work, and as a follow on form our Global Bartenders Certificate, or as part of a package encompassing the two courses, will endow the student with a first class base from which to build a career in the bar industry. Great bartending is about providing seamless service with personality, displaying knowledge and practical prowess. The course ultimately seeks to make you a great bartender, allowing you to develop and hone your skills with a sure footing.

All courses take place at our bespoke bar school in Brighton UK. This voucher allows you to book onto any of our upcoming courses found on our Advanced Bartendes Certificate Page.



Course Requirements

This course is designed for people who have some experience of bartending or who have completed the Mixology School ‘Global Bartenders Certificate’. These two courses can be purchased as a package.

Learning Outcomes

Students attending this are expected to leave having gained the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:

  • Ability to create there own vermouth’s, bitters and liqueurs.
  • A knowledge of Historical Cocktails
  • An Understanding of what judges are looking for in cocktail competitions
  • In-depth in more obscure spirits
  • Basic Ice carving
  • Appreciate the meaning and importance of a responsible attitude to alcohol
  • Able to produce cocktails to a high standard and understand their construction
  • Able to create your own recipes