November 4, 2013

So what have the Mixology Group been up to?

cocktails 3

It’s not everyday you can say you’ve been sipping cocktails at your desk whilst working, however thats exactly what i have had the pleasure of doing!!

The Mixology school has been non-stop this month, demonstrating the growth in interest from the public for spectacular cocktails. The Mixology Group word has spread across the water, with course attendees coming to the school from as far as America and the Philippines to be taught by one of the biggest names in molecular mixology in the UK Myles Cunliffe.

So the week commencing 14th October saw both the beginners and advanced molecular course take place.

The schools international attendees created some spectacular cocktails including dry ice sorbet, Smoked candy floss and fire extinguisher ice cream (which i had the pleasure of testing.)

  The course was such a success this month that both international customers extended their original course choice to continue onto the advanced molecular course!

Its always a great testimonial to a company when people are prepared to travel around  the world to experience what it is they provide. It just demonstrates the quality of experience that is provided!

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If you’re interested in learning a new skill for the Christmas season, then check out the dates for our courses. Besides, the party season is on its way and what better skill is there than being able to serve your own cocktail creations to friends and family?

The worlds 50 best bars…

Our very own Myles Cunliffe joined the team at ‘The worlds 50 best bars’ competition, preparing a selection of glorious cocktails using Soyombo vodka for the attendees. The event saw bars from all over the world attend and compete for the title of ‘The world’s best bar 2013’. With this In mind only the best bartenders could serve these guys! so who better than Myles to be one of the bartenders for the evening?

Our new bar…

Last but not least …we have a new addition to our bars and its available for parties now, so what are you waiting for?

Click on image below to book your party with us!

light up bAR