NEAT, the Ultimate Spirits Glass

March 5, 2015

Enjoying Whisky with the power of Science

Matt Simmons

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came across the Neat Glass. I couldn’t get my head around what it does or how it does it. Being a hands-on kind of guy though, I thought what better way to find out than just get a few in, crack open a decent single malt and test away.

Bring it on.

The multiple-award-winning idea behind the Neat glass (pictured above) is that it should be all you need to enjoy your whisky. No ice, just the glass and your favourite neat spirit.  The design looks incredible and the science is far from boring too.

I won’t go into excruciating detail (please check out their excellent website if you fancy learning more) but the essence of the design is that the curved, shallow form of the glass allows the lighter alcohol molecules to evaporate and bypass the nose thanks to the protruding lip. This prevents the ethanol molecules from hitting and therefore numbing the nose yet allows the slower released aromatic vapours to precede the liquid as the glass is tilted. This gives you the full-bodied experience your Ardberg, Auchentoshan or Laphroiag so very requires.

Personally we opted for a Talisker 10 year (as pictured) and with parched lips began our rigorous testing process.

I’m not sure how to say this exactly, but in short it works. The initial burn of the alcohol in your nostrils is removed without taking anything from the flavour. Instead you get a wave of aromatics preceding the now almost creamy liquid behind. Full of flavour and not adding or taking anything from the journey of the liquid through your gullet. The science is sound and the forms meets function flawlessly in every respect.

It works best with the higher the ABV of the liquid but we had some fun testing it out on a port and a few bottles of wine seeing if the open top of the glass allowed for oxidation the same way a carafe would and enhance the flavour profiles of the wines. Suffice to say we had a lot of fun using it for different liquids even if it wasn’t the original purpose of the Neat Glass (and we made the surprising discovery that it also prevents red wine lips!).

We also took a moment to appreciate the shape of the glass alone as a vessel and a serve.

Playing on the idea of aromatics and the power of taste through your sense of smell – and not to mention the fact that the glasses stack rather elegantly – we identified the some notable flavours in our chosen spirit and matched them with dried citrus and herbs. These were placed into the bottom glass and we poured a splash of boiling water in as well. Our idea simply being the vapours and aromatics below would add further to your drink experience every time the top glass is lifted. We also smoked the bottom vessel too, this worked better as it doesn’t affect the temperature of your spirit. Very important stuff.

Anyway, the original design of the Neat Glass is perfect. It does exactly what it aims to in a startling and remarkable fashion. And not looking out of place in a bar or being pulled out of your home cabinet, it is yet another way for any serious or casual Whisky advocate to enjoy a drink for any occasion.

I can see why they’ve won all those awards now.

Pop over to their site, buy a set of glasses and see for yourselves!

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