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Molecular Mixology

Molecular mixology is one of the hottest trends within the world of cocktails. It involves experimenting with the science of cocktails to create new and interesting flavours and textures. As the UK’s leading proponents of the techniques of molecular mixology, we are the first port of call for all your event, demonstration and training needs.

About Molecular Mixology

Some consider traditional layered cocktails the first example of molecular mixology. Things have progressed since the cocktail was invented, with purveyors of the art creating increasingly innovative beverages for delighted guests. Our talented mixologists use scientific equipment to create consumable airs, gels, jellies, sorbets and foams, each of which is as delicious as it is intriguing. Techniques like smoking, vacuum packing and spherification make popular demonstrations, and it’s even possible to infuse drinks with the flavours of non-edible substances. Molecular mixology is all about creating a dramatic spectacle and new experiences which leave a lasting impression. Guests at parties or events are captivated by the beverages, and professional demonstrations are unforgettable. We make it easy to leave a lasting impression.

Molecular Services

Should you wish to include some awe inspiring molecular mixology into your next event, we love to rise to a challenge. Our talented mixologists can create something new and exciting on a bespoke basis, or deliver some of our tried and tested ‘MM Stations’ in your event space. You might want to use us for a trade show or in any arena to demonstrate some of the techniques we employ, or even arrange some training for your staff. Either way, we’re well placed to deliver the right impact. Take a look through this section to get an idea of what we can do for you, or give us a call to talk some ideas through.

Molecular Training

If you or your team would like to learn the art of Molecular Mixology, we provide a 2 day Advanced Bartending and Molecular Mixology Course at our school in Brighton, or we can come onsite to train at your place of work. Please contact us for Onsite Training Options.

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