Make a drink fo yo Mama!

March 5, 2016

Shake what your mama gave you…

We are born, we need mum, we get older, we get more annoying, we still need mum we get older and we get a little less annoying but we need mum. We become adults, we’re still annoying and we still call mum up when we need a little TLC.

Your mum’s done a lot, and she’s probably tired and she could probably do with a drink, she may appear superhuman but she’s still human underneath. Show her a little love back this Mothers Day and make her an amazing cocktail so she can put her feet up, put on strictly and sip on something strong, dark and sweet.

And just to help you out, here’s a Mixology Group Original recipe you can use, or for the classic recipe click here.


Mums of the world, enjoy.