Is Your Menu Making You Money?

January 4, 2016

It’s a new year and its time for you to take your drinks selection in a new direction. Many bars across the country are missing out on simple tricks that could increase their profits and level of service, and it all begins with their drinks menus.

Are you one of them? Is it time to re-evaluate your drinks menu and bring it up to date and on trend with the market? Ask yourself one simple question:

Do you use mint in January?

A strange question to begin with but incredibly relevant to all those within the bar trade. It can be argued that the current UK cocktail market is driven by the popularity of the Mojito,  its huge demand and massive number of sales, but being a summer drink how many consumers actually drink Mojitos when the winter months roll in.  With most mint now being grown by outside of the UK, the Mojito can become one of the more expensive and less profitable choices to put on your menu this season.

Creative and intelligent Menu Creation can allow your bar to re-evaluate purchasing prices regularly, streamline costings and offers inventive ways to raise profit.

Equipping your bar staff with simple knowledge like this and how to use it can give your bar what it needs to make get ahead. Dedication to and belief in your staff will ensure you have an efficient, ergonomic and economic team at all times and investment in the right equipment and regular staff training is the best way to help them progress and develop as professionals in the industry. Rewarding to both the individual and the bar, a knowledgeable and intuitive Mixologist is a sure-fire way to meet the excellent standards of service required for your bar.

The Mixology Group offers training and consultancy across the broad range of challenges facing any bar and its staff. From Seasonal Menu Creation and training on how to do so in-house to innovative ways to reduce drinks costings and increase profitability through presentation and product, a specific consultancy program is waiting to be tailored to your precise needs. With over 16 years of professional mixologist expertise and another 10 years in bar and drink consultancy, the Mixology Group and its team of expert consultants can work with your every step of the way to take your bar to the next level or simply re-imagine the drinks you wish to serve to your ever thirsty consumers!

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