Goodiebags just ain’t what they used to be…

February 25, 2016

So who remembers going to parties as kids, eating loads of cake, running round solidly for several hours, making yourself feel really ill and on your totally hyperactive, sometimes stroppy exit you were handed a goodiebag?

Ah the goodiebag, a few rolls of fizzy things, or chewits and some kind of toy that is utterly perplexing but ultimately totally useless. Essentially a plastic version of Donald Trump but that’s another matter.

Well take that memory and if you can multiply it by 120,000. And then double it.

And then double it again.

If you’re on the same track then you should have a figure roughly reflecting the price of goodiebag being given out at the Oscars this weekend. Mind boggling.

A whopping $236,000 is what’s being dolled out this year on each goodiebag for attending member of the audience, some of the gifts including two 3 night stays in different regions of Italy worth $10,000 and a complimentary breast lift worth $2,000. What?

How about we chuck in a one of our Gold Plated Heritage Bar Kits complete with a Leather Roll Bag? Ok how about we chuck in 10 of our Gold plated heritage bar kits and leather roll bags? Per person.

With all this lavish luxuriousness the Oscars is, however, missing one thing.


So here’s how we’d do things if we had our way, here’s our cocktail goodiebag. Give each of these Oscar themed cocktails a try and let us know which one is your winner!

Martian Sand:

A very welcome cocktail. A golden Gin Martini, 50ml Givinity Gin stirred over ice with 15ml Martini Extra Dry, and a little something special to give this extravagant drink a little molecular sparkle. Matt Damon has to drink alone in this film but thankfully you don’t have to, click here to find how to make this drink and more…

Martian Sand


Literally rocket fuel.  Ron Mulata Anejo Rum, lit on fire and flash infused with a mixture of cinnamon, chilli, vanilla, almond and nutmeg, cooled with a little orgeat syrup.

The Brooklyn

A simple boilermaker, a delicious Brooklyn Lager with a shot of Jameson’s 12yo Irish Whisky.


So pick your winner, mix up a couple and sit back and enjoy this years Oscars in style!