Good Heavens, it’s time for Tea!

May 7, 2015

A troupe of troublesome bartenders set off with the help of Martin Miller’s Gin and Bluebird Tea. Co for a spot of afternoon tea…

I first learnt of the MMG/BB collaboration a few weeks back and knew good things were to come of it. And yesterday the showcase event of their work culminated in the antique filled, snooper’s paradise that is the Black Dove over in Kemp Town.

With multiple health benefits, tea fits snug into the current health trend that is on the rise. The different types and unique blends are appearing around the world, especially in the states where there is a rise of tea and macha bars and ‘healthier’ cocktails and ingredients.

Based in the North Lanes, 2 doors down from the Komedia, Bluebird Tea Co. has been set up for just over a year and has already become incredibly well established. With an extensive combined knowledge from both owners and staff, these tea-pioneers have created their own branch of mixology.

And yesterday with the help of Jackie Lai, from Martin Millers Gin, and the Chief Teabird/Tea Mixologist, Krisi Smith, finally allowed us to take the bag out of the pot and have a look at what they’d brewed up.

What ensued was tea-total Gin-demonium. Bad pun. Pun-demonium. Gin and tea jellies, tea infused gins, a proper G and tea infused and packed full with revitalising anti-oxidants, creamy tea gin cocktails, spicy tea gins and unique tea syrups with complex and robust flavours.

The tasting started with a proper G’n’Tea, made using an infused Lime Cola Guaysa tea syrup, Martin Millers Gin, topped up with Soda. Perfect for those who can’t abide the taste of tonic water, I know you’re out there!

Guaysa is also natural stimulant, so this drink, not only being the ideal, refreshing summer cooler, is also a healthy pick me up alternative to an espresso martini!


Then came the Tea-Ginfusions:

Cococabana Coola, Gingerbread Chai and Mowgli Fire Chai all infused into their own bottle of Martin Miller’s Gin.

Each of the Ginfusions took on characteristics from the teas, fruit, pepper, spice which all made drinking straight gin before any lunch much more bearable! Both the Gingerbread and Mowgli Fire Chais packed a serious punch on the spice palette, and with the mixture of juniper and spice the Mowgli Fire Ginfusion wouldn’t go amiss being dashed into a curry!

The rest of the line up:

“The Cococabana Coola Negroni

With this Ginfusion not being indifferent from a sloe gin, its fruity richness negates the need for the vermouth, as the gin already possesses this unique sweetness. Simply add Campari.

Bonfire lady

A two part cocktail, that required 3 bartenders to make just 4 drinks, this lady gets around! The liquid consisting of MMG, triple sec and lemon and the foam, Bonfire Toffee Tea Syrup and egg white, they are both shaken separately. The results are layered on top of each other for a sweet and sour combinatory sensory experience for the mouth!


I can only imagine this is so named as that’s the noise everyone made after taking a sip. Fresh black berries, lemon, apple, simple syrup and gingerbread chai BB Tea. This was the peoples favourite, fruity, sweet rich and dangerously easy to drink. 

“Fire Chai cream tea”

Served in pint size mugs, this mixture of firechai, MMG, double cream, simple syrup is brought together as a flip with a whole egg chucked in. Served up and dusted with cinnamon, this cocktail definitely gives eggnog a run for its money… or a kick up the arse.


The brilliantly named, wobbly centerpiece finale. This combined the Candy floss and Cococabana Coola tea blends, a lot of Martin Millers, lemon and lemon infused sugar.

None of the complex and unique flavours present in these drinks would have been achievable without the teas, you’d have to include a wealth of different ingredients to even try and recreate them! So get yourself down to Bluebird Tea. Co, get some ingredients and get mixing yourself!

All teas mentioned in this post are available from Bluebird Tea Co. so pop in store and the incredible staff there will be obliged to teach you a thing or two about the leaf.

Bluebird Tea CO. offers Mixology classes at their Brighton store where you can learn more about different blending and brewing techniques for more information visit them in store or take a peak at their site at