Mixology Group have teamed up with ‘The House of Gastrophonic’  to design the cocktails for their award winning AROMAetum event experience. The AROMAetum is a cutting edge sensory-immersive event concept which brings together sound, aroma, taste and sight to stir positive emotions and to create a memorable and unique experience.

Described by Clash Magazine as “the perfect party primer”, the AROMAetum was premiered in 2014 at the UK’s legendary Wilderness Festival and saw over 1000 people  come through the doors in 3 days. The reviews were amazing and the AROMAetum went on to win the Best Event Experience silver award at the London Design Awards 2014.

Clash Magazine review on Wilderness Festival 2014

Over our weekend three distinct experiences stood out. The first up was The AROMAetum: a multi-sensory wander into themed boozing. The House of Gastrophonic runs a 45-minute session where aroma, taste, sound and colour combine to create a rave for your senses. Three lovingly concocted drinks and a slick DJ mix blended with aroma canons and a massive lighting rig help a crowd of 100 revellers become even more at one with their tipples. We traversed from juicy forest themes of elderflowers and trance, across smoky, dubbed-out whisky vibes towards a cleansing ocean finale where gin was found dancing with a drum and bass soundtrack somewhere near the metaphysical surf. A perfect party primer.

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