End of Year Press Release, 2015

December 8, 2015

This year the leaders in mixology events and consultancy are celebrating their 5th anniversary. 5 years ago, the husband and wife team, Myles and Zoe Cunliffe left their jobs to found the brainchild that was the Mixology Group.

The Mixology Group (MG) started in Brighton & Hove with one aim in mind, to bring incredible drinks to events and bars around the UK and the world. Using their training school and talented team of dedicated Mixologists they have done just that for 5 solid years.

The Group has created menus and training programs all over Brighton and the UK. on an international scale they have delivered Molecular training to bars in Namibia and Abu Dhabi and recently completed a 5-star Management Training program for Neilson Holidays across their beach resorts in Turkey and Greece. The cocktail creation programs that the group run have been incredibly successful with the MG consultants re-imagining the perfect serve for soft drink giants J2o earlier this year. Several seasonal cocktail ranges were also created for Aldi Supermarkets using their award winning produce.

The Brighton & Hove Food & drink Festivals are an institution in Sussex and the Mixology Group have been the only cocktail bar at each of the festivals for the past 5 years, also running several hugely successful Cocktail Mix-Off competitions alongside! Moving from food to music, and after teaming up with House of Gastrophonic at Wilderness Music Festival last year, the Mixology Group won the Silver Best Event Experience Award during the 2014 London Design Awards for the incredible AROMAetum. The event combined a fusion of taste, smell, sound and light for a totally unique, immersive cocktail experience.

Some honourable mentions, as James Saunders joined the team in June this year as a senior mixologist/trainer and event co-ordinator Matt Fox-Simmons celebrated completing his first year with the company. Director Myles Cunliffe joined the Restaurant Investors Group in North Carolina as their new Beverage Program Director in July and has recently returned to from the states after another two weeks, which he shall do every quarter to continue with the Beverage Program he has set up across the RIG’s numerous venues. Since his first visit Cunliffe has appeared on numerous TV shows including Time Warner Cable news speaking in regards to the program. Cunliffe also appeared on hit UK TV show King of the Nerds creating Molecular masterpieces for all to see.

The delicious Cuban rum, Ron Mulata has become the first amazing brand to get involved with the new Mixology Group Brand Representation Program and has already been listed in several popular bars across Brighton thanks to the expertise of the ambassadorial team.

The Mixology Group Shop is now live, which you can now visit here for all your bar needs including some really cool ideas for Molecular Christmas drinks!

September saw the first annual Brighton Bartenders Association (BNBA) Awards which were hosted in Merkaba Brighton, with several awards sponsored by the Mixology Group. The BNBA was set up by Mixology Group Director Myles Cunliffe 6 years ago and now has over 3,000 members. The awards celebrated the best of the Brighton Bar Industry and Mixology Group Director Myles Cunliffe took home the Award for Longstanding Achievement. Several others of the MG team, past and present, took home awards including Best Team Player and Best Bar Manager.

Looking back over the past 5 years Director Zoe Cunliffe comments “it’s been hard work but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and the future, we’re set for world domination”, ”we’re excited to be taking some incredible brands onto our Brand Representation Program and also continuing our expansion plans into Ibiza” referring to future franchising plans on the Island which are currently in the pipeline.