Corkcicle One from Corkcicle

December 18, 2014

We got really excited by this one.


We sent one of our lovely office Ladies home with a really difficult challenge. We tasked her to go home and drink wine.

Obviously there was a little more to it than that.


There are three variations the Corkcicle, Corkcicle Air (both made from glass and cork) and the Corkcicle One (pictured below), which the more premium of the set and the one we are going to review. Coming in a glass freezing case, the principle of the Corkcicle is to aerate and chill wine as it is poured from the bottle, and keep it chilled even when the bottle is at room temperature. Keep it in your freezer and it removes the need to wait for your Riesling Trimbach 2006 to chill for when you just can’t!

Corkcicle One







Easy to use, simply pour out an ounce of the wine to allow room for the corkcicle, and flip open the cap when you want to pour. This elegant design has a built in aerator that injects Oxygen into the wine being poured. This mimics the effect pouring wine into a carafe gives, this allows for more aeration permitted from just the aperture of an open wine bottle. This then lets the wine to ‘breath’ as we so commonly here and softens the flavour.

Perfect for taking down to the beach on those hot summer days (wishing hard here), this will keep your drink chilled even if the bottle increases in temperature.

Only thing to look out for, standing at 30.5cm the Corkcicle one will fit into most bottles but certain bottles (the one pictured) was a wider, slightly shorter design and the stopper didn’t fit all the way into the bottle. This can mean the Corkcicle can slip out when pouring, so just make sure it fits properly to avoid any embarrassment when serving!

A lasting, strong, stylish piece of home-barware that works as well as it looks and eradicates the need for any wait when you just want a drink after work on a Friday night!




Corkcicle, Corkcicle Air and Corkcicle One all available now from