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Is Botanical Rum the next big thing?

October 21, 2020

Botanical Rum Every January at Mixology Group HQ we get a slew of journos contacting us to find out the next big thing? What are going to be this year’s trends to watch and taste. Pretty much every year for the last 8-10 has been the same answer. Gin Tonic Low and no Oh and Rum will be big this year… Now however there are some rumblings of a new trend that may just eclipse Gin. It is called Botanical Rum. Our first introduction to this newfangled category heralds from Guernsey where a very talented distiller by the name of Luke Wheadon from the Channel Islands ... read more

What is a Gin?

October 6, 2020

Gin What is Gin? Gin is a clear alcoholic sprit distilled from grain, malt or now sometimes even potatoes. Gin must legally have a “predominant juniper flavour,” but there are no set guidelines as  to what other botanicals may be used, or a minimum/ maximum quantity of juniper berries that need to be added during the distilling process. What is Juniper? Juniper is one of the UK’s most threatened tress and is actually on the International Union for the Conservation of Natures endangered list. What is used is essentially a pine cone or female seed cone of a coniferous tree. This is collected ... read more

National Cachaça Day September 13th

September 9, 2020

It is the end of what seems the longest summer ever here in the UK yet there is still a glimmer of hope in National Cachaça day in Brazil which happens to fall on the 13th of September. This first month of autumn has two fantastic excuses to try out this fabulous category, with Brazilian Independence day (7th September) falling a week before. This much maligned spirit category has for a long time been consigned to the “rum shelf” (Cachaça can only be made in Brazil/ Rum can be made anywhere and finally Cachaça can only be made from fresh sugar ... read more

More Vermouth Please!

January 15, 2019

Lovely to see Vermouth hitting the news in 2019. At Mixology Group we have been delivering our Advanced Bartenders course from our training facility in Brighton for over 8 years now with a major part of that course being a focus on Vermouth, incorporating a DIY approach to how Vermouth is made as well as an extensive category tasting of over 20 samples. Over that time we have had the fortune of coming across many new and emerging Vermouth Brands from Blackdown VermouthDry Wermod to the Asterley Bros and read more