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This cheery looking bus stop has sent the world crazy…

August 8, 2016

At the beginning of summer this mastermind drinks advert popped and bizarrely, it instantly started the dreaded Christmas countdown. In July. Since then Selfridges have opened up their 'Summer Christmas' shop, and unless you live in Australia that's an oxymoron if ever we've heard one. Has the panic begun? Have parents around the UK been waking up in cold sweats? Are lists to St Nick already being drafted up? Do you need a drink? Have no fear, Mixology Group is here to help. Yes, we're jumping on the bandwagon and getting in there early but we just want to give you something that you can really look forward ... read more

School’s in for summer…

July 26, 2016

Your summer of Cocktails with the Mixology Group... The sun has finally arrived, the clouds have parted, the rain is holding off (at least for a few weeks) and it couldn’t be a better time to grab your suntan lotion and your armbands and get down to Brighton Beach and make the most of the weather while you can! And while you’re sitting on the beach fending off sea gulls and holiday makers wouldn’t it make it all even better if you knew how to make a caipirhina… In its 6th year of establishment the Mixology School and its expert ... read more

Summer-time is here!

August 9, 2011

This week saw Mixology group hold Brighton’s first Molecular Mixology course at their secret hideaway venue in central Brighton. Just a stone’s throw away from the main rail station and tucked away just off the main strip, this contemporary speakeasy is a perfect training space. Bartenders based in London and around the globe came together as Mixology Group’s own Myles Cunliffe talked them through the basics of the craft. In attendance were delegates from the London Flair Club, including it’s founder – international bar and training consultant Clinton Weir. They were joined by top-flight event and training bartenders working in and ... read more