Brighton’s 5 Most Popular Cocktails

June 12, 2015

The 5 most popular cocktails in Brighton…

Based on the drunken ramblings of both consumers and industry,

“oooh I’d love a…”


With the spike of Mojitos sales across the UK last year, sending rum production through the roof, of course Brighton has seen exponential growth in the cocktail’s popularity. You’ve seen them, you’ve made them, you’ve drank them. Quick and easy, a simple muddle of fresh mint, fresh lime juice, Rum and crushed ice, the resulting drink a classic, refreshing cocktail, superbly enjoyed on a beach in the sun. Which surprisingly we have a lot of, being in Brighton and all.


Old Fashioned:

The latest cocktail to benefit most from being in a TV show since what Sex and the City did for the cosmopolitan. Arguably the classic cocktail, the Old fashioned has come into its own once again over the last 5 years. And why the hell not. A clean mix of sugar, bitters, a squeeze of orange zest, ice and your favourite scotch. Or Bourbon. Or Rye. Or Rum. Or Tequila. In fact this drink has led to so many incredible modern twists on the original it deserves an award. As if worldwide recognition for over 60 years was enough. Pah.


Pornstar Martini

Definitely the consumer favourite. It seems to be a rite of passage to learn how to make 12 of these babies in one round on a busy Friday night. Invented in LAB in London described as an orgy of flavours, this drink combines Vanilla Vodka, Passoã, passion fruit puree, vanilla sugar paired with a shot bubbles. This drink is arguably the youngest modern classic and thanks to the wonders of modern technology and word of mouth, it is the fastest drink to spread worldwide. Thanks a lot twitter.



The Bartenders favourite. This combination of Gin, Campari and vermouth, is a bitter sweet liquid delicacy, complex and rich, the Negroni is a delight to make and even more fun to drink. With the abundance of gins on the market and the rising variety of vermouths you can really customise your Negroni to match any curious palette.


Gin & Tonica

Nope it’s not a typo, add an ‘a’ to you G&T and no longer will you get a sad lime slice thrown in to a shot of spirit and half a gallon of tonic. Sure to be the next trend in Brighton thanks to some handy Mediterranean influence, a few very on trend new bar openings and Mixology Group’s DIY Gin & Tonica Masterclass sessions the Gin & Tonica is here to stay. Considering over 150 Gin distilleries have popped up in the UK over the past year and a surge in the variety of infused tonics, the choice has never been better and this is definitely the way to get the most bang for your buck. Served in a balloon wine glass filled with Gin, tonic, ice and some mad garnishes. Flavour match each garnish to the botanicals of your chosen gin; some pink peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, thyme, basil or coriander and some dehydrated citrus e voilà!

The GTA.

Not just your average gin and tonic.