The Key to Delicious Whisky…

February 16, 2016

Deep within the heart of the Island of Bornholm, located off the coast of Denmark, a key has been developed to open a door to a new dimension. Well sort of. It was 2006 when Henrik Hansen began experimenting with new ways to enhance the whisky drinking. Exactly 10 years of experimenting and development, trials and tribulations and vigorous testing, the Whisky Key has finally opened up the UK to a whole new way to enjoy the nations most loved spirit. A flawless combination of exquisite design and the powers of science, the Whisky Key enhances the whisky drinkers journey, breaking ... read more

Be Mine, Valentine!!!

February 10, 2016

Cupid bow is strung, his arrows sharpened, his trigger finger quivering. This guy sounds like he’s out to do some real damage people. Yes, it’s here again people February 14th, Valentines Day, the red roses, the anonymous cards, the meals, the chocolate, the fragrances. Well that’s what we’ve always asked for anyway. But let’s make 2016 one to remember and take the present game up a notch. This year give a gift that really means something to the special bartender in your life and sit back and bask in the love (and unlimited cocktails they will ultimately end up making you as a ... read more

Mixology Group bring the heat to the NTAs 2016!

January 25, 2016

“This gin is f*cking lush” Danny Dyer on Blackdown Sussex Dry Gin. From dry ice gin & tonic sorbets to glassware serves scientifically designed to enhance the way you enjoy drinking Whisky, the Nominees and Winners Bar at the NTAs 2016 was definitely the place to be on Wednesday 20th January 2016. And the Mixology Group were around to bring the party! Alongside the teams from Liquor To Lips, Blackdown Artisanal Spirits, and Chillistick and Peter Spanton Drinks, the Mixology Group manned the VIP Indigo igloo bar of the o2 Arena for an extra special NTA after party. With ... read more

Are 80’s Cocktails Making A Comeback?

January 5, 2016

Screaming Orgasms, Sex on the Beach and Blow Jobs. Before you ask no this isn’t a recap of the most recent Geordie Shore series.   80’s Cocktails are supposedly expecting a comeback. Cocktail Blogs and magazines around the globe are proclaiming it true and we have one question. Why? Ok several questions. Who is causing this? Is it controlled? Will England go into pandemic status again? Are we ready for another wave of hyper-horny names and layered, day-glo fluorescent liquids? Can the so called millennials take a pounding from the rowdy creamy-and-colourful rocket fuel cocktails that kept the inhabitants of the 80’s partying for an entire ... read more

Is Your Menu Making You Money?

January 4, 2016

It’s a new year and its time for you to take your drinks selection in a new direction. Many bars across the country are missing out on simple tricks that could increase their profits and level of service, and it all begins with their drinks menus. Are you one of them? Is it time to re-evaluate your drinks menu and bring it up to date and on trend with the market? Ask yourself one simple question: Do you use mint in January? A strange question to begin with but incredibly relevant to all those within the bar trade. It can be argued that ... read more

Top 5 unusual luxury Christmas presents!

December 15, 2015

Seriously?? Like where did December even go? Christmas is nigh upon us people, are you ready for it? Are you sure you haven't forgotten Aunty sheila? or Cousin Brendan? Don't go buying them last minute socks or fruit this Christmas, you know they deserve better! Instead why not pick them something unique that they'll remember for many Christmas' to come (and maybe they'll forgive you for buying them pants and deodorant the last year 4 years in a row, I mean are you implying something there?)! And we've even saved you the effort of searching (aren't we so nice)! Below is a top 5 unusual and luxury ... read more

End of Year Press Release, 2015

December 8, 2015

This year the leaders in mixology events and consultancy are celebrating their 5th anniversary. 5 years ago, the husband and wife team, Myles and Zoe Cunliffe left their jobs to found the brainchild that was the Mixology Group. The Mixology Group (MG) started in Brighton & Hove with one aim in mind, to bring incredible drinks to events and bars around the UK and the world. Using their training school and talented team of dedicated Mixologists they have done just that for 5 solid years. The Group has created menus and training programs all over Brighton and the UK. on an international ... read more

What we’ve been up to!

November 30, 2015

December is right on our doorstep people and boy has November been fun! Here’s a little recap of the shenanigans we’ve been getting up to! We kicked off the month with an awesome UV bar at the Guardian Lates party in the Vaults, Waterloo! Our expert molecular Mixologists took the stage with smokey dry ice shooters and gorgeous glow-in-the-dark UV Cocktails and Gin & Tonicas galore at this awesome underground venue! Following the madness in the Vaults, the first ever Mixology Group Pop Up with Ron Mulata was met with great success! The weekend saw the MG ... read more

Top 5 Cocktail worthy Instagram Accounts…

October 19, 2015

We like a good drink, and if you're reading this then most likely you do too. Cocktail Bartending can be an immersive occupation and it's best to keep well informed of the newest drinks, inspired creations and creative recipes and what better way to do this than on instagram, one of the worlds largest and fastest growing social media platforms to date! Not only is it a way for you to share your own drinks designs and creative inventions but also to take visual inspiration from likeminded bartenders across the globe! And we're making it a little easier for you, so here's five ... read more

And the winners are…

September 22, 2015

Last Sunday saw the inaugural Ceremony of the Brighton Bartenders Association Awards (BNBA). The ceremony brought together bars, brands, reps, and core members of the Brighton bar community, new and old alike and was hosted by the notorious Merkaba, at Myhotel. Started 6 years ago by our very own Mixology Group Director, Myles Cunliffe, the BNBA is an online platform for the bar community in Brighton. It allows members to organise tastings and training sessions, communicate with other bars and brands, organise, promote and attend competitions and also to look for work positions and candidates. Over the past few years the BNBA ... read more

Stick ’em up!

September 14, 2015

You've heard of a storm in a teacup, how about a storm in a shot glass? And no it's not just a lot of bad tequila and a killer hangover. Get your hydrometers at the ready because it's going to get cloudy thanks to some cheeky little designed shot glasses, now available from the Mixology Group Shop. Dry ice shooters are now being served across the country, these dish out atmospheric cloud-billowing shots of all of your favourite drinks! The shot glasses safely hold dry ice pellets which react with any liquid and produce incredible cloud-falls and displays! Turn your Slippery Nipple into ... read more

The British are coming!

July 23, 2015

So our very own Myles Cunliffe has been returned to us safe and sound after three weeks consulting for US develop Marty Kotis’ Restaurant Investors in North Carolina. The Mixology Group founder is now the Beverage Program Director and lead Mixology Consultant for the RI venues across the state which includes the Pig Pounder Brewery and Tap house, Burger Warfare, the Marshall Free house, Darryl’s wood fired grill and RED cinemas. Working alongside the food offerings in the cutting edge Molecular Gastronomy lab in the Marshall Free house, Myles has created a menu to rival Heston Blumenthal in this UK themed pub ... read more