Be Mine, Valentine!!!

February 10, 2016

Cupid bow is strung, his arrows sharpened, his trigger finger quivering. This guy sounds like he’s out to do some real damage people.

Yes, it’s here again people February 14th, Valentines Day, the red roses, the anonymous cards, the meals, the chocolate, the fragrances. Well that’s what we’ve always asked for anyway.

But let’s make 2016 one to remember and take the present game up a notch.

This year give a gift that really means something to the special bartender in your life and sit back and bask in the love (and unlimited cocktails they will ultimately end up making you as a thank you).

So without further adue, take a gander through the Mixology Group’s Guide to Valentines Day and make this February 14th like no other!

Roses & Leather

Hey big spender, show someone you really love them by investing in an item that will last a lifetime, and no it’s not their name tattoed on your arm. Don’t do that.

This extremely high quality item is the fully equipped, copper plated Heritage Bonzer Kit contained delicately contained inside a handcrafted leather roll bag. This ultimate luxury gift has a rose tint finish and will be the only roses that you’ll need to give this Feb!

Bonzer Standard Roll Bag Copper

To buy this roll kit and see others (including the lavish gold plated Heritage Bar Kit) click here!


Fall In Love With A True Classic

The Classic Cocktail kit for professional and home use!

The Classic Cocktail kit for professional and home use!

Does your significant other fancy themselves the next James Bond or Vesper? Let them perfect their bar skills with this bar kit equipped with everything they need to practice their cocktail skills at home, at the bar or wherever they venture! The Classic Cocktail Kit has everything they will need in order to make every kind of drink, be it muddled, shaken or stirred (while you sit back and let the drinks flow while they play with their new toys!).

Click here for the entire range of bar kits available!

Put No Strain On Your Love

Want to give a little token of your appreciation to your valentine this year? This stylishly designed Heritage Strainer Kit is the perfect gift to leave anonymously, rapped in red ribbon this February. Gift them your love and bare witness to perfectly smooth martinis, Manhattans, Negronis being strained in style all because you shared a little love!

Heritage Strainers

And now you have gifted them the tools of the craft, let them work their magic so you can get your smackers round this delicious little number…

The Velvet Heart

The Velvet Heart:

– 50ml Vintage Velvet Vodka

– 10ml Lanique Liqueur

– 15ml Sweet Vermouth

Stirred over ice, strained using a Julep strainer and served straight up, topped off with a Jack Rudy Bourbon soaked Cocktail Cherry.

The Velvet Heart

See the full video of how to make the Velvet Heart here!