Fire Extinguisher Ice Cream Station

During this eye catching session, guests will witness the creation of delicious ice cream and sorbet to the clients own flavour specification. Using the exciting molecular method to freeze the ice creams and sorbets at high speed, the resulting product is the smoothest and creamiest ice cream or finest grain sorbet you will have ever tasted. Our molecular Mixologists obtain CO2 (Dry ice) from a fire extinguisher and the discharging of this causes a flurry of excitement in the crowd. The finished product is then served into the ice cream cones before the guests decorate with handpicked extras from sprinkles to popping candy.

The station comprises a table with boxed linen and an ice cream creation, including the mixer and smoking test tubes. This is where the extinguisher magic happens! The other half of the station is set up like a scientific ice cream stand with ice cream cones lined up like test tubes and the various toppings laid out in front for the guests to choose from.

Two of the Mixology Group team will attend the ice cream station. They will be making and serving the ice cream/sorbet as well as maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of the service area. Our molecular Mixologists are presented as scientists wearing white lab coats and bow ties or our standard uniform of smart blacks.

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