Champagne Caviar Station

Session run time: 75 Minutes

During this session, guests will be served glasses of champagne from the caviar station. They will then be able to pick from three different caviar options (colour and flavour combinations of your choice) to add to their champagne.

The specificsChampagne caviar, molecular mixology, cocktails

Two members of the Mixology Group team will attend the caviar station. Who will be on hand to pour champagne, serve caviar and interact with the clients as well as maintain the cleanliness and presentation of the service area. Our molecular Mixologists are presented as scientists wearing white lab coats and bow ties, or our standard smart black uniform.

The Station

The station comprises of a table with boxed linen and a space for the champagne glass ware and pouring. Caviar is displayed in glass serving vessels on an illuminated plinth so as to allow the colours to shine. The display is further embellished with a caviar inspired installation comprising large vessels with coloured spheres rising and falling through the liquid.

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