Big Kids Sweet Shop

Themed barsAre you still a big kid at heart? Then we have created a cocktail bar just for you!

With this fun package we will arrive with not just a cocktail bar, but a candy floss machine and a slush puppy machine as well! Your guests will be provided with a sweetie bag which they can fill with delicious treats from Tequila lollipops to boozy marshmallows flavoured to a cocktail of your choice. And lets not forget the vodka infused, chocolate dipped strawberries….



What you bar will include

Slush Puppy Cocktails

All our bars come with Barman and staff to man the machines as well as decorations, For the more lavish event we can provide extra props, just ask us!

Have some of your own favourite flavours? Just let us know and we’ll make any of the above to suit…

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  • If enquiring about booking an event please give postcode of venue and date of event.