Bar Consultancy

With a team of expert bar consultants, Mixology Group has worked at some of the country’s largest and most high profile events, as well as luxurious bars, resorts, hotels and brands around the world. Over the years we have noticed a glaring shortcoming in the thought and spending on the drink offering. Lavish amounts of money are spent on food and décor, with little thought to the things that make the money: the bar and bar staff.Our brand consultancy service can help by advising you on the core key bar components, whether creating a new concept or improving an existing one. Tasks can be as simple as redesigning your menu or retraining your staff to a full refit and recruiting a full team. When starting a project we carry out extensive background research on your company, your target regional audience and your competitors. This gives us a unique insight into your market and allows us to advise on everything from business goals and objectives to glass sizes and styles, types of ice and brands of spirits and mixers.Our bar consultants offer a comprehensive range of services to improve any bar business. Click here to find out how we can help you.


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