Amazing Bar Kit

May 13, 2014

We were lucky enough to be sent a rather fetching box in the post. On opening said parcel I was greeted to some rather heavy weight equipment. Quite simply Bonzer have been making some of the most used bar equipment for a very long time. Their spoon is an iconic tool which I have used in pretty much every venue I have worked/ trained in for the last 15 years.

Bar KitThe Bonzer bar kit is a one stop shop for bartenders looking to add some decent reliable kit to their collection. It comes well presented in a great looking box, inside is pretty much every piece of kit you could want.

The best thing about the Bonzer range of equipment is the reliability and the look, I don’t know many other bar equipment producers who offer a 2 year guarantee. All of the tools are fashioned from stainless steel and all feel nice and weighty in your hand. The Hawthorn strainer is one of the best I have used. Nothing like the flimsy strainers you see in most bars these days.

So whether you are looking to buy someone a useful present or looking to add to your own kit, I would look no further than the Bonzer Bar Kit.