Elite Cocktail Kit



This complete kit contains everything any Professional bartender will ever need! Perfect for craft cocktails, all the classics and contains everything you require to come up with your own Mixology creations!

This invaluable kit includes:

1 25/50ml Jigger

3 Chrome Tapered Freeflow – Spillstop Speed Pourers

1 10″ Stainless Steel Classic Bar Spoon

b4rn31 Stainless Steel Hawthorne Strainer

1 280z Stainless Steel Boston Tin

1 Mixing Glass for Hawthorne Shaker

1 3″ Stainless Steel Standard Mesh Fine Strainer

1 Stainless Steel Julep Strainer

1 10″ Stainless Steel and Wood Strainer

1 Black Bar Top Cutting Board

1 Black Bar Blade with Speed Pour Level