Bonzer Wooden Muddler 10 inch



The Bonzer Wooden Muddler offers brilliant style and exceptional handling. The muddler was developed to improve the performance of the bartender. The blunt end bruises leaves rather than tears them. The textured shaft retains grip in the hand even when wet.

Bonzer first developed its barware back in the 1930s. Due to the brands history in silverware it was an obvious development. The first items off the production line proved to be a great success. With the original Hawthorne Strainers, Thimble Measures, Bar Spoons and Cocktail Shakers the brand was estabilished and had made its mark on the industry. A number of years on and with a heritage to be proud of Bonzer have revisited some of the classic tools. Having taken on board the feedback from professionals and evolved some of the designs and feel to give thart classic Heritage quality and value.