The Bonzer Heritage Bar Kit provides you with everything you need to make professional cocktails in your establishment or at home. The kit contains ten essential cocktail tools, including cocktail strainers from our newest Bonzer cocktail range, as well as the Half Half Muddler and all the standard bar equipment needed to make high quality cocktails.

Whether you work in a busy bar or like to entertain your friends and family in style at home, then the Heritage Kit contains all the bar tools you will need. The Heritage Kit enables you to:


● Accurately measure shots for cocktails with the 25ml and 50ml Jiggers

● Perfectly mix ingredients with the Boston Shaker

● Get rid of any unwanted seeds or residue from juices with the Fine Bar Strainer

● Crush fruit and sugar to the perfect consistency with the Cocktail Muddler

● Stir drinks in a long glass with our Long Mixing Spoon


The cocktail equipment included in the kit are:

● 25/50 Jigger

● SpillStop

Pourer x 3

● Bonzer Half Half Muddler

● Boston Can

● Boston Glass

● Bonzer Mixing Spoon

● Bonzer Heritage Hawthorne Strainer

● Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer

● Bonzer Heritage Fine Bar Strainer

● Canvas storage bag