Molecular Master Class

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Heston? Our Master Class is designed to give you an insight into some of the most ground breaking techniques being used in the bar scene at the moment.

Over three hours we will show some classical cocktails and give you the chance to taste some fabulous spirits. Then we turn everything on its head and start to use a bit of Molecular Magic.

We will look at ways to create different textures and serve drinks in new unusual ways. We start by creating clouds of flavour called an “Air” to place on top of drinks. Some of our top flavour combinations are a Tommy Margarita with a salt Air or a Bloody Mary with a Celery Air.

Next we look at foams and look at ways of recreating classical drinks such as the Clover Club or a Whisky Sour without having to use egg white. This gives us the ability to change the flavour of the foam to complement the drink.

Our last technique is Reverse Spherification, where we make dainty spheres of alcoholic cocktails. Which we serve on canapé spoons and use a myriad different garnish from gold leaf to popping candy and sherbet. Some of the great ideas we have done in the past are a take on Pina Colada but made to resemble a canapé served with gold leaf and Water Melon and Vodka spheres served with barrel aged feta cheese.

We hope you will enjoy this innovative and exciting world of Molecular Madness as well as having had the chance to taste some classical drinks and wonderfull spirits from around the world.

We can come to you and recreate this in your home or office. Or you can come to our bespoke Bartending School in the heart of Brighton.

Price are from £60 per head (8 people minimum)

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